Swing your arms that little bit more

Swing your arms that little bit more, breathe a little deeper, push off your feet a little more firmly. What might this different approach involve though? Have a look below at the following little used ideas that can increase energy without breaking a sweat! · When you rise in the morning do something physical straight away.· While performing everyday movements try adding just a little more vigour into the mix. Do some leg raises, swing your arms in big circles past your ears, breathe deeply near an open window, the list could go on! Believe me, you will want to go forward into your day with energy and purpose having done this. · When your day offers you the opportunity (lunch, and fifteen minute, breaks for instance) use it to get your body moving and your energy levels pumped up once more. Tell yourself you will wake up full of purpose and energy.

Remember though, to create and have energy you have to use it as well! Break (or any spare) time does not have to be spent sat on your behind! · Relax! Pointless everyday tension wastes massive amounts of energy. Many people forget that what you think about can create massive changes in how you feel. Want to increase yours? Then as you go through your day use only the minimum amount of energy for tasks like opening doors, cleaning teeth, driving your car and while writing, typing and pretty much any activity you routinely perform each day. The physical aspect is only part of the equation anyway. Walking is an obvious example.

Have you ever tried programming yourself just before sleep to feel energised when you wake in the morning? I would suggest you try it.Have you ever wondered whether you always need to work (and sweat) hard to feel a rush of energy? Of course for many people this is the method by which they always achieve an increase in energy and it is certainly a valid one. Such small easy to implement actions can elevate the pulse rate a little more than normal and act as a great natural energiser. Not everything revolves around impactive exercises for forty-five minutes to an hour. However what about those people who don't want to (or can't) spend forty-five minutes or more working up a sweat the 'traditional' way? What about the older person who isn't physically able to generate a sweat by running, using a cross trainer, or riding a bike?

More importantly, do they need to?I would argue that they do not. Give yourself a goal to wake up for no matter how small and this will help you on your way to increases in energy also. Remember without energy life cannot be lived to its fullest so follow these points if you feel you are over-training and need time to recharge or if you simply wish to add some energy into a currently sedentary existence. For the older person looking to increase their energy and health they often cannot handle what some might term a normal exercise regime and Sports & Fitness Equipment Factory require a different approach. Keep these points in mind if your goal is generation (and conservation) of energy levels without having to sweat your way there. A brisk ten-minute walk with an emphasis on deep breathing can elevate energy levels without you having to spend an hour training

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